“Rev. Bro. Coach would be a WONDERFUL speaker for any event, especially for events aimed at young Christians. He brings God’s Word in a relevant, honest, and powerful manner. once you hear him speak, you’ll want to hear him again! HIGHLY recommended!!”
-Dr. John Cagle
CTE Director, Jefferson County High School- Dandridge, TN


“We were blessed to have Keith speak at our spring retreat in 2017. Our students loved him and he took time to get to know then during free/rec time. His teaching was clear, Gospel-centered, and engaging. I’d highly recommend him to other ministries.”
-Chris Baker
Student Pastor, Harmony Bible Church- Burlington, IA


“I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Keith for over 10 years. He has a genuine love for Christ and students. Always one of the first people I call when I need a speaker or Bible study leader.”
-Rev. Larry Overton
Senior Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church- Townsend, TN


“I’ve known Keith for several years now, and there are several things I can tell you for sure. First, there are few speakers or even pastors who care as much about every single person with whom they have contact. I’ve seen him bond with people in only a few days and have a lasting impact on the trajectory of their lives. Second, I know that he pours everything he has into researching and delivering the messages he presents to people. I’ve been personally touched by hearing Keith speak on multiple occasions and I always walk away having gained knowledge and inspired to live differently. Finally, I know that Keith wants to glorify God in everything he does. The way he engages people, the Bible, and the world around him exemplifies the way a follower of Jesus should act. Inviting Keith to speak at your event is one of the best decisions you could make, and you will benefit in every way from hearing what God has given him to say.”
Chase Campbell
Graduate, Southeastern Seminary- Wake Forest, NC