About Rev. Bro. Coach


Keith is a writer, teacher, and speaker. Keith travels all over the region and country speaking to students about the life God has created for us. He has a passion for writing and baseball, especially his beloved Atlanta Braves where he is also a HUGE Dale Murphy fan. He loves to speak and train leaders in ministry and teaching where he has spent the vast majority of his professional career.

Keith speaks in all types of venues and to all age groups whether that be in a typical Wednesday or Sunday service, a conference, breakout session, Disciple Now, Youth Revival, or FCA type event. He believes it is important for people to understand their purpose within God’s love story about His son Jesus Christ. Keith also believes it is important to demonstrate how the Bible is as relevant to us today as it was to those living when it was written.

Keith is a writer who currently writes bible studies for YLO Magazine. He also writes Disciple Now material as well as being the author of the blog, “The Mindful Minute” located at this site. Keith is working on his first book about student ministry leadership. He also has begun writing about baseball and food.

Keith is a husband and a father. He enjoys music, writing, traveling, cooking, and baseball. He is an avid Atlanta Braves and University of Tennessee fan.